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Bitwala bank account with cryptocurrencies in Germany
Zaktualizowano: 29 stycznia 2021

Bitwala – german bank account with cryptocurrencies

Get Bitwala bank account in Germany: ✅ no monthly fees ,✅ free Mastercard ,✅ access to cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ether ➥ get it in 5 min!

Bitwala is not only an easy way to buy and store your cryptocurrencies. It’s also a regular bank account with deposit guarantee scheme of Germany up to 100.000 EUR which costs you nothing! You get a free Mastercard which allows you to withdrawal your money without fees from ATMs around the world.

Other than most of the banks in Germany, Bitwala doesn’t limit its offer only to residents of Germany. It’s enough you’re a citizen of one of the EU countries to enjoy all benefits Bitwalla offers you.

German Bitwala account
  • 0 Euro of a monthly fee
  • 0 Euro for a Mastercard
  • 0 Euro for ATM withdrawals around the world
  • 0 Euro for online SEPA transfers
  • Only 1% commission for trading with cryptocurrencies

Available for all EU residents!

Bitwala – a free bank account from Germany

Bitwala is a perfect offer for anyone looking for a foreign bank account with a possibility to buy cryptocurrencies and keep them in a safe wallet. With a bank license provided by Solarisbank in Berlin, every Bitwala user gets an unique german IBAN number. You can enjoy free SEPA transfers to any account in the European Union and receive money from other people and institutions (like your employer). All funds on your bank account are covered with a german deposit guarantee scheme up to 100k EUR. This way you can be sure, the money on your account is safe!

Every Bitwala user gets also the opportunity to buy and sell bitcoin and ether cryptocurrencies at attractive conditions. You can keep them in your safe cryptocurrency wallet provided by Bitwala. Everything via a modern and free Android and iOS mobile app. Please note, the bank guarantees which cover your savings on the bank account do not apply to the cryptocurrencies store in your wallet.

Bitwala – german bank account without a residency status in Germany

Most of the german banks limit their offer only to people living in Germany. If you don’t have a german residency, you can’t open there a bank account to store your money. Thankfully, Bitwala does it better and allows all EU residents to become its user. This means, you can get a german bank account while still living in Poland! After registration, your free Bitwala Mastercard will be sent at the polish address provided in the application.

As Bitwala uses the bank licence provided by german Solarisbank, your account and funds there are exclusively subject to German law and under the jurisdiction of German courts. This means for example, polish courts do not have the direct possibility of seizing money stored on the account.

Bitwala – german bank account with free withdrawals

Each Bitwala users gets a free Mastecard which allows to make non-cash payments online and in all points of sale accepting payment by card issued by Mastercard. A great advantage is a possibility to withdraw money from ATMs around the world without any additional provision being charged by Bitwala. Some ATM operators may want to charge additional fees which are indepdent from Bitwala and Solaribank. You will be informed about the costs before the operation is completed. In this situation, you can still cancel the withdraw and use another ATM of your choice.

Bitwala – wallet with cryptocurrencies

With Bitwala, you don’t only get a regular and free bank account in Germany. You can also create a cryptocurrency wallet for bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) which you can access with a free mobile app or via internet browser. What’s important, you will be the only person having an access to it, Bitwala doesn’t store your access keys so you can be sure, your cryptocurrencies are safe. The keys will allow you to get the access to your cryptocurrencies also outside Bitwala. For this reason, it’s also crucial to store your access keys in a safe place as there is no possibility to restore the access in case you forget them.

Bitwala in Germany – how to open an account

In order to get your free bank account in Germany, you need to go to Bitwala’s website and click at the open account / Konto eröffnen button to be forwarded to the registration form.

After you fill in the form, you will need to confirm your personal data in a short video call with a consultant. You’ll be asked to show your passport or ID card and (in some cases) also a document confirming the given address. In case of a residency in Poland, this could be for example a bank statement from a polish bank account.

Here are all steps you need to complete in order to get your Bitwala account:

  1. Fill in the registration form
  2. Install Bitwala app on your smartphone
  3. Start a verification call and confirm your address
  4. Create a cryptocurrency wallet in order to finalize the process
German Bitwala account
  • 0 Euro of a monthly fee
  • 0 Euro for a Mastercard
  • 0 Euro for ATM withdrawals around the world
  • 0 Euro for online SEPA transfers
  • Only 1% commission for trading with cryptocurrencies

Available for all EU residents!

Bitwala account – FAQ

Below you’ll find answers on the most frequently questions related to Bitwala offer. If you still have some questions related to Bitwala and its bank account, please don’t hesitate and let us know.

Is the Bitwala account really a full-fledged account in Germany?
Yes, with Bitwala you get your own german IBAN number (starting with letters DE). This means, you can send and receive money without fees via SEPA money transfers. Your funds are guaranteed by deposit guarantee scheme in Germany up to 100k EUR.

Which currencies can I use with Bitwala?
Currently, Bitwala offers EUR accounts only. All transactions in other currencies (like PLN) are converted at the current exchange rate. Bitwala does not charge any additional conversion fees.

What is the minimum transaction amount for cryptocurrencies?
The transaction for the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies in Bitwala must be the equivalent of at least 30 Euro.

Can I also log into my Bitwala account via a browser?
Yes, just go to and select the account login option. After providing your password you will gain access to the account in the same way as via the mobile application.